Client: Anthem IMF

Anthem Group’s International Music Festival needed an advanced database of Artists and Venues that could be tagged on each relevant Festival Year and maintain cross-linking throughout the site.  We built them a site that is powerful, clean and shows off all the details of the events occurring across the globe each year.

Launch Date

December 03, 2014

Site Features

Stellar Website Report ®

Quality Control is a Big Priority for us - This Report Shows Completed Tasks from our Quality Checklist

  • Finalized Custom Wordpress Templates
  • Checked and Validated Code with W3C's Markup Validation Service
  • Custom Favicon Enabled
  • Optimized Author Date and Comment text on Front-End
  • Tested all Forms
  • Checked Headings
  • Checked Address & Town Names in Footer for SEO
  • Released to Search Engines
  • Configured 301 Redirects from for Previous Site Pages
  • Posts will Publish to Social Networks
  • Site Public Contact info such as Phone & Email Verified as Correct
  • Cross-Browser Tested
  • RSS Enabled & Tested
  • Copyright Year will Advance Each Year Automatically
  • Added to Portfolio
  • Admin Menu Editor Configured
  • Search Engine Optimization Configured