If you need to quickly send a password to someone, never send it via email because if your email were to ever be compromised, even if 5 years, your password you are emailing, assuming it hasn’t changed, will be available to any hacker or malicious parties.

Instead, onetimesecret.com is a very simple, and very convenient solution.

OneTimeSecret.com will encrypt the information, and make sure that once someone retrieves it (or once 7 days pass) it will be destroyed forever.  Because it’s encrypted, even someone looking at the database of onetimesecret.com, like a server or company administrator, would not have any way to see your password.

If the person you are sending it to is able to view it, it’s certain that no other party has accessed the link as it can only be clicked one time.

Step 1 – go to onetimesecret.com

Enter the credentials in the text area shown below, and when it looks good click the giant red button.

Step 2 – Copy the Link and email it

That’s a simple way to send passwords without risking the password being available to hackers at some point in time.