In November 2012, a team of myself and five others signed a co-founder’s agreement for an Internet Startup Company called Megabase, Inc.  We raised $30,000 through friends and family funding and used that money to hire an application development company to help us build MusicIDB.   Each of spend 12-16 hours a week building out this company and will remain doing so for the next 3 years as our sweat equity “vests”. was designed to make it very easy for Local and Regional Bands to Get Gigs and Promote their Events.   It’s the first Music Industry Database that’s wiki-fed, meaning users can add content such as Artists, Events and Venues even if they don’t necessarily represent them.  Until those pages are claimed, other uses can contribute to those pages.   An example of the benefit of this, is that if you entered an event and tagged 5 bands from the database and 1 venue, the event will appear on all 5 of those pages instantly.

It’s a FREE service for Artists, organized for public display to Fans.

Event Managers such as Promoters and Venue Managers are the real customers, the website offers a full array of features to make organizing a venue calendar and booking dozens of events at once extremely simple.   Learn more at, and thank you for your support in this endeaver.