It took a long time before I finally went out of my way to figure out what RSS is.  As as many times as I saw it’s little orange icon, no-one had specifically mentioned its power to me.  Phase one curiosity led to clicking on these icons, which just brings you to a mumbo-jumbo code, but when I finally read up on it and realized its a really cool way of pulling news from almost any internet source, the only thing you need is an RSS reader.  Although I’m sure there are plenty out there, I knew that Google had something called Reader and I figured I’d test it out.

So basically all you do is right-click on any “RSS” icon you see on the internet (any reputable business or organization that does web updates or news will have it near the top or bottom of the page) – hit the right-click menu’s “Copy Link Address” or “Copy Link Location”, then click over to your and click on the big orange subscribe button – paste your clipboard’s RSS Feed URL into the box, click Add and now your new subscription will be listed on the left in the Subscriptions area.  Add half a dozen of your favorite things to check out on the internet, organize them into folders and suddenly you realize your getting caught up very quickly each morning, on only the stuff you’re interested in with your own personal digital newspaper! I love it.