Every Stellar Web Studios website comes complete with a customizable Search Engine Optimization package to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their web presence.  

Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding what kind of traffic your site is getting, and what pages  are getting the most hits, is a great way to know how to evolve your website to match the consumer demand.  We make sure each site is linked with Google Analytics to monitor organic and viral traffic and to see which pages are getting the most hits.

Killer Content

We have had some interesting experiences looking at our clients’ traffic.  One client, Eyeful Beauty, a hair salon in Lowell, MA – was blogging about a new hair product being developed in Australia, and by having a site that already had a good rank from having good clean code, and writing quality content about a new product, they had a thousand views on the article from organic traffic within a one-week period.  Knowing that she was reaching her audience by discussing news in her industry, the owner has maintained a digital strategy doing an excellent job staying in the conversation and being at the tip of the iceburg when people want to find out what’s happening.

Page By Page SEO

We highly recommend our clients take advantage of our page by page Search Engine Optimization services.  Industry-specific research is done to find the best key terms to generate the most traffic on each individual page.   This ensures the most potential clients are reached in popular search engines.          

Website Analytics

For every website we setup, one of the things we do is make it so everytime a user logs in, they see the latest statistics of pageviews based on their websites analytics setup.

Seeing the amount of pageviews and clicks is the tip of the iceburg, using Google Analytics, which all of our clients are given admin access to, we can begin to understand what is the most successful content of each website, and leverage the attention we get there to get the customers we’re looking for.

We train our clients on how to use analytics so everytime they write content such as an article, they know exactly how to measure the impact of their work.  

Doing SEO and monitoring the analytics is a process that’s paramount to the success of a website.   We offer monthly analytics presentations to clients who choose to continue to work on their website improving as often as possible.