Theme Development

We customize each website to be a flexible, smart tool that is designed to be able to evolve and expand  as a company grows with potential for new articles and categories, and new pages or sections.  

The Content Management systems we use ensure certain kinds of content, such as articles and specials are never deleted as they get older, but archived and organized within the site, still available to search engines and people as resources.

We have a habit of going above and beyond our customers expectations, by putting in a little extra something.  

Getting the CMS to work for you

Each of our customers have unique needs and ideas about how they can use their website as a marketing tool, and we have exceptional flexibility to enable each customer to use the tool in a very simple straightforward way.  

[singlepic id=22 w=320 h=240 float=left]For example a restaurant might need a special section in the backend admin side of their website to manage their dining menu.   When we developed a website for the Parker Grille in dracut, we built in a flexible system to allow the restaurant’s  website administrators to be able to add and remove foods, and potentially add a photo for each meal.   Without this the menu would end up cluttered and disorganized if we tried to add a picture next to each item.