Having a website in this day and age is CRUCIAL to the success of your business.   Google makes $28 billion per year on people who are just looking for things (like your business). 

Website Existence

Once you have a website, there are two main functions your website is responsible for.


If you build it…

#1 – It’s a Sales Pitch

Your website should represent your business in a way that shows exactly what you offer, the quality of what you offer, and the reason why you are the right source for people to get what you offer.   

If you have met someone and explained what your business does, and they are curious enough to visit the website on your business card,  your website should be the “closer” on the sale.   The impact your website makes after initial contact can convert a prospect into an account.   That’s the advantage of setting up a website right – it will finish the job of getting a new sale for you.

#2 – It’s a Customer Finder

People can only give you money after they realize you exist.   People are looking for your service and product, the website is your business in the digital domain, and if your website is full of exactly what they are looking for, they will find it.  How easily is a matter of how much time is spent authoring content on your site, and how much time is spent optimizing that content for search engines.

Looking Good for Your Customers

Your website should be dressed as sharp as you, if not better.

Website Appearance

I recently had a conversation with an insurance professional who was ADAMANT about dressing up in a non-wrinkled suit basically at all times.   It was his understanding that his business was built on his professional, consistent appearance.   Having a website that looks like a 7th grader made it in computer class, is like going to a meeting with a potential client in a tshirt you made yourself with markers and glitter.  

Website Performance


Your website should be able to find out who is visiting it.

What you do after you initiate contact with a potential customer, is relatively important, you probably will express the value you provide, and take the time learn about them and what they’re looking for.

It’s your website’s job to do that completely automatically.  It should not only provide answers in an organized, easy to navigate experience to the prospect, but it should be ready to ask questions, and get information from visitors.  

Part of this is the job of website analytics, which tell our customers what visitors are doing, and where they are coming from.

Offering a discount or a special on your website is an easy to get visitors’ information, and then be able to follow up with them, sealing the deal.