Stellar Web Studios Is Open For Business!

In June of 2011, we were invited to look at a building on Lawrence Street in Lowell, MA.  What we found was a humongous building that would need an incredible amount of work.

Well, it was perfect.

For the next 8 months we planned, built, painted and finished the office at 493 Lawrence St. which we call our studio.


We’re pleased to open our doors to the Greater Boston area, and welcome visitors.  We wanted to be accessible to our clients.  We wanted to be able to capture each client and business as unique entities and really develop a web persona for them.  And we really felt that we could do that best with a bigger space to accommodate a bigger team.  

It’s so exciting to have created this space in which our clients are able to get away from their usual routine for their web work.  It’s much easier for clients to focus on a strategy meeting or training session without the distraction of day-to-day business.  We also hope to host events in the future.


Historical Facts:  Our studio used to be a bar called Bullwinkle’s.  We hear it was know for being pretty wild.

Originally, the bar was underneath a multi-story hotel, but at some point they took down the hotel, supposedly without even closing the bar on the first floor.